The Skill of Creating Beauty



Vero was founded in 2014 by Dino Raccanello and Fiona Stelfox. Their vision was to create objects of timeless beauty re-interpreted from classical forms and expressed in rare and precious materials including statuario marble, alabaster and white onyx.

Vero objects are designed by architect Dino Raccanello and hand made by a dwindling collection of master artisans in Tuscany from materials carefully sourced in Italy. Each object is unique and fits serenely within contemporary and traditional interiors. Made to be valued and passed through generations, Vero objects belong both to the past and the future and embody an enduring luxury.

The skill of making beauty emanating from design excellence is inherent in the Vero vision. From the simplicity of Egyptian pyramids to a Mies van de Rohe chaise and the sleekness of an iPhone, design is fundamental to the way beauty enriches our experience of life.

Globalisation and technology have marginalised much of local artisanal practice in Italy. Each piece of Vero is proudly handmade by artisans who are custodians of the collective knowledge of centuries and possess the ultimate skill of master craftsmen.

Vero aims to enable Italian artisans to retain these precious skills within their communities for inheritance by the next generation. This perception of how the world’s aesthetic and environmental future is highly integrated represents sustainability and is a guiding principle in Vero’s use of packaging sourced from renewable materials and its commitment to working on a small scale local base.

Vero can be purchased via this website. Purchases can also be made through Australian distributor and additional international distributors will soon be announced. Private commissions are available on request. For enquiries please contact us.