Vero. The Skill of Creating Beauty

Beauty is fundamental to good design. From the simplicity of the Egyptian pyramids to a Mies van der Rohe chaise to the sleekness of an iPhone. Beauty is intrinsic to the way we perceive our surroundings and to our emotive responses. It enriches our lives and expresses our civilization.

For Vero, beauty is timeless, inherent, evocative, inspiring, and enduring. It refreshes us and keeps calling us back. It captures the exquisite essence of each moment, our innermost thoughts, and deepest feelings.

Beauty is found not only in design but also in the materials themselves. At Vero, our materials are natural and carefully sourced exclusively in Italy, where artisans have refined the art of beauty for thousands of years. We have reinterpreted materials like alabaster and marble for the modern age, giving them contemporary relevance. Every piece is proudly handmade by artisans who possess the collective knowledge of centuries and the ultimate skill of a Master Craftsman.