dino raccanello

Dino Raccanello. A career in Interior Architecture and an Italian heritage has given Dino an insight into how people respond to beauty, whether it be an object, a space, a view, a place or an image. It uplifts the human spirit and brings out the best in us. Simplicity is the purest form of beauty. Reducing design to it’s most essential, the perfect balance of form and function. When this is combined with the finest materials and workmanship, design becomes timeless. As Creative Director of Vero Dino Raccanello’s vision is to create beautiful objects that combine the knowledge and ‘know how’ of centuries of Italian artisans with designs that are relevant to contemporary life and realized using fine materials from the greatest master designer of all – Nature. (

fiona stelfox

Fiona Stelfox. After 15 years of legal practice in the UK and Ireland, Fiona moved to Italy in 2002 where she founded an international commercial and property law practice with an Italian colleague.  As CEO of Vero, she brings invaluable strengths drawn from years of legal and business experience and of participating directly in the set-up and management of successful companies.  Fiona was the first Chairman of the Integrated Education Movement in Northern Ireland and has been a fellow of Johns Hopkins University, Centre for Civil Society Studies since 1993.  She is inspired by Italian contemporary interior design and architecture as well as the beauty of Italy’s luxurious and fine natural materials like marble and alabaster.  Deeply motivated by the desire to preserve historic skills and energize communities negatively impacted by the march of globalization, Fiona works to ensure that Vero produces heritage objects to grace our contemporary lives. (

marco cardelli

Marco Cardelli is a professional still life photographer and is Vero’s inhouse photographer and a member of our creative team responsible for the brand’s visual communication. Born in Tuscany and living in Milano, Marco opened his own studio in 2001 and has devoted himself to still life, a genre that fascinates him and allows him to express his artistic sensibilities. Ferragamo attracted by the purity and simplicity of his images commissioned him for his first project. Marco now produces images for the most important fashion and design brands including Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Furla, Pucci, Roberto de Carlo and many more.  Marco has spent many years photographing Italian luxury design objects as well as minimalist and stylish contemporary interiors.  He enjoys working with the Vero Vases, Centerpieces and all the artistic objects in our collections to transmit not just their decorative qualities but also their transcendent beauty.  He truly makes them come to life on the page. (