Classic Beauty

I first met Igor Mitoraj some four years ago when I went to his studio in Pietrasanta with a Client to select a work for their home in Sydney. That work now graces their harbourside home and is beautiful in that setting.

We last met six months before his death some two years ago, such a loss. The world not only lost a great artist but a wonderful man who knew the power of beauty. That last meeting he talked about his installation that he was planning for Pompeii, a thrilling prospect, I could not think of a more perfect place for his latest works. And so I thought that it went by the wayside after his death but it didn’t and in November last year I went to Pompeii to see the project – it was breath taking in its beauty.

His works are monumental and the revisited classicism breathed life into an otherwise melancholy place. So perfectly did his works fit that I wondered that they should be there permanently.

Scale is everything when art is outdoors, whether it is in the landscape or part of an urban environment scale defines how it relates, one only needs to look a the Piazza’s of Italy to see how sculptors have created works that fit to the space.

In Pompeii Igor personally selected the location for each work and they fit. You imagined that they were always part of that city, fragments from the past but completely of our times. Such beautiful sculptures lifted away what I always felt was a great sadness in Pompeii, soaring among the ruins they breathed life into the stillness lifted the spirit, great beauty does that.