There is something magical about Carnevale in Venice. The setting fits perfectly , from the spectacles on the Grand Canal to the wondrous costumes that float around the Calle and Piazza’s with the protagonists always ready to strike a pose.

It is winter so it makes it all the more mysterious and theatrical. This is the place to be to cast oneself into the fantasy that is Carnevale either as a voyeur or participant.

Creativity is everywhere to be seen, it is an opportunity for Italians to do what they do best dress up and parade. Best of all there is a sense of tranquility  and good spirit that permeates the place. Joyfulness, playfulness, celebration and there is elegance.

The glow of the sunset over Santa Maria della Salute when viewed from the Ponte della Accademia is unforgettable even more so when a parade of spectacular costumes complete the tableau.