Canestrino is inspired by Nature. A sculptural organic design that is tactile, sensuous and seeks to awaken our human response to form. Canestrino is a stand alone object that we see as having no boundaries. Ergonomically designed, it can act as a comfortable stool, a side table or sculptural form to enhance any interior, be it a residence, boutique hotel or public space.

Hand sculpted in opaque white alabaster by a master artisan in Volterra, Italy using a technique revisited from ancient times, transparent alabaster is boiled over several days then slowly cooled before work commences, it produces a beautiful white ethereal finish like no other.

Made from the finest of material using this traditional method, each limited edition piece is enhanced with natural mineral staining that is characteristic of alabaster to produce an object that is unique and individual.

Vero believes that beauty crosses all boundaries, has no limits and our humanity, when in symphony with nature, creates a serene and perfect balance.

Canestrino is produced in a limited edition of 10. For prices and shipping details for this product