Daniele is an artisan/sculptor who works in marble at his workshop. In 1947 his grandfather, Adolfo, collected engines from the bombed out wrecks of American convoy trucks destroyed during WW2 and from those engines he created the tools and machines for his marble workshop.  He started a great family tradition that now lives on in Daniele’s work.  He still uses the machines and tools from all those years ago to produce superb marble objects infused with his passion and attention to detail.  He personally selects marble from the quarries where Michelangelo sourced the material for his finest masterpieces.

Roberto studied sculpture and after many years experience in artisanal alabaster studios set up his own workshop. Roberto understands the importance of keeping this artisanal tradition alive and is passionate about his work.  He uses alabaster personally selected by him from the local area. His skill and notoriety has over the years brought him important commissions for the restoration of significant works of Italian heritage dating from the 1600’s and he has collaborated with important contemporary artists in realising their designs. His workshop is located in the southern area of Tuscany and he uses traditional techniques to produce custom handmade pieces of exceptional quality.

Giorgio studied fine art and sculpture in Florence before returning to work in the family ‘bottega’ to continue the family tradition in crafting fine pieces in alabaster. His commitment to fine craftsmanship and keeping alive traditional methods fits perfectly with the Vero concept of creating contemporary beautiful objects using artisanal skills. Giorgio will source the finest material to enable him to produce objects of quality that are infused with his dedication and artistic talent in realising our designs.

In the hinterland of Versilia on the Tuscan Coast, Romeo and Davide carry on the family tradition of handmade marble objects, exquisitely crafted using the finest locally sourced material. With an eye for detail and a dedicated enthusiasm for exploring innovative ways to use this noble material, they employ young apprentices to ensure that old and new skills are passed onto future generations.